We emotionalize your sports engagement

in the digital world.

Who we are.

[out|right] – English for direct, open, without digression. But also immediate, instant, on the spot. The name Outright Communications GmbH is not only the company’s guiding theme, but also its DNA. The name describes us perfectly, no matter what method of communication or type of design.

What we do.

Outright Communications GmbH offers exactly what brands need for their communication and marketing. Bespoke content? PR and on-site representation? Corporate brochures? Branding for your company, from matchbox to hospitality? We’ve got it covered. And we do it all “outright”.

How we do it.

At Outright Communications GmbH, everything is centred on streamlined processes and the direct route to the goal. Permanent analysis helps us to scrutinise processes critically and to improve them continuously. This results in fast response times – from the customer inquiry to the finished product.

“What made Volkswagen stand out from the rest – apart from a bloody brilliant car and engineering nous – was their ability to include the average rally fan on their journey. Through social media engagement, clever marketing and their outstanding video content, we discovered the drivers’ personalities. You felt like you were part of the team. You felt closer to the sport.”

Rebecca “Becs” Williams, WRC live

“Its social media campaign has been some of the most innovative and fan-friendly rallying content ever. Volkswagen has changed the way people watch rallying, as well as delivering legions of new fans.”


Clients. A selection.

Some of our clients in sports or technology.