We are outright.

Who we are.

[out|right] – English for direct, open, without digression. But also immediate, instant, on the spot. The name Outright Communications GmbH is not only the company’s guiding theme, but also its DNA. The name describes us perfectly, no matter what method of communication or type of design.


What we do.

Outright Communications GmbH offers exactly what brands need for their communication and marketing. Bespoke content? PR and on-site representation? Corporate brochures? Branding for your company, from matchbox to hospitality? We’ve got it covered. And we do it all “outright”.


How we do it.

At Outright Communications GmbH, everything is centred on streamlined processes and the direct route to the goal. Permanent analysis helps us to scrutinise processes critically and to improve them continuously. This results in fast response times – from the customer inquiry to the finished product.

And then there was ...

... the most successful Facebook post in the history of Volkswagen Motorsport – and with it, probably the most famous family of cows in Mexico. They achieved true VIP status on social networks thanks to a brilliant evasive manoeuvre by Sébastien Ogier. So far, the video, which shows the three-time world champion skilfully swerve to avoid the livestock at full speed, has been viewed by almost ten million users.

Quote of the day.

"The WRC is our sport. We have achieved incredible things in a short space of time in terms of results, and it is a motivator for the whole company in terms of how it shows us what is possible when a team works together. That team focus is critical to us, and it extends out to the many fans of the sport who follow us. Our Facebook page is enormous, with more than 7.5 million people reached [...]. It gives us a very passionate following and creates imagery that it's hard not to feel strongly about."

Jürgen Stackmann Volkswagen board member for sales, marketing and aftersales, in Autosport's sister publication Autocar